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SOPRIS Technologies, Inc. has established a strategic partnership with Zenoss to offer a comprehensive Professional Services practice for Zenoss Service Dynamics, the premier unified monitoring and analytics product for the Intelligent Data Center™.
SOPRIS offers:
  • Full suite of Zenoss Service Dynamics Software
  • Professional Services for Deployment, System Customization and Integration, Change Management, knowledge transfer, and Operational Support
  • ZenPack Development to support complete Zenoss customization and extensibility to address the specific needs of your network (or networks)


Zenoss Service Dynamics, with its open source heritage and agentless architecture, is specifically designed to support the monitoring needs of today’s dynamic, hybrid Cloud environments. IT organizations that have embraced Zenoss Service Dynamics for their networks have:

  • Improved Network Operations.
  • Improved Network Availability.
  • Reduced the time to trouble identification and resolution.
  • Increased anticipation of potential service problems while significantly lowering both capital and operational costs.

Through its advanced professional services and development capabilities, SOPRIS is working with customers to extend the Zenoss platform to support a truly, unified solution that spans data center, cloud/hybrid, enterprise, and as well, mobile and fixed telco networks. The benefits from such a flexible, open source centric, extensible and agile solution are transformative for our customers’ operations.



Increased Availability Across Data Center Apps & Services

Unified monitoring coupled with advanced analytics, speeds the identification, isolation, and root cause of network issues often enabling resolution before network impact occurs.


Faster Deployments
  • Coverage for most leading edge network elements via 400+ ZenPacks available to provide “agentless” connection to devices, servers, and services. The SOPRIS ZenPack development team works each day to extend this list and monitor new devices.
  • Open architecture enabling you and our open source community to quickly create and make available new ZenPacks as needed
  • Auto detection of network changes supporting real-time needs of virtualized and elastic cloud environments


Operational Cost Savings
  • A single monitoring platform (instead of 10, 20, 30, 40,…) with a single User Interface with advanced analytics correlating all aspects of Network Monitoring with customizable reports to meet your specific monitoring needs
  • “Agentless” solution eliminating the need to install, upgrade, and maintain monitoring agents
  • Single, easily customizable monitoring solution to install, upgrade, and maintain versus multiple, loosely integrated legacy systems offered by others


Lower Capital, Operational Expenditures – and new Revenues
  • Lower licensing and management costs vs. competitive solutions
  • Easy to deploy in standard and virtualized infrastructures
  • Our customers are turning to selling new services e.g. monitoring as service, to capitalize on tremendous benefits they see across their operations

Utilizing SOPRIS’ Professional Services and deploying Zenoss’ advanced technology solution for your IT operations places you in the company of over 35,000 organizations in over 180 countries which have already deployed Zenoss (including Apple, Cisco, RackSpace, NASA, Boeing, NSA, Huntington Bank, PNC, Verizon, and many more).

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