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SOPRIS Technologies,Inc. Announces End-to-End Service Assurance Solution for Video Services

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) March 28, 2017 — SOPRIS Technologies, Inc. today announced its end-to-end service assurance solution for video. With the shift to cloud-based video services, viewers can choose to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they would like to use (mobile, tablet, PC, Connected TV, or Set Top Box). Providing a consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) has become a priority for businesses in the online video delivery ecosystem, whether it be content creation, content distribution, or a network access service provider. There is a tremendous challenge to understanding exactly what the user is experiencing, good or bad, and where in this complex video delivery chain issues may be occurring.

SOPRIS has partnered with industry-leading OTT data and intelligence provider, Conviva, to integrate SOPRIS’ network assurance ecosystem with Conviva’s market-leading video user experience platform. The partnership enables collaboration in marketing, selling, and providing innovative service assurance solutions while delivering a high-quality end-to-end video user experience across IP networks and devices.
SOPRIS’ service assurance solution provides breakthrough benefits by integrating service assurance of the core solution elements with monitoring of the end customer’s actual on-device experience of watching streaming video and selecting content to provide actionable insights across the delivery chain and underlying network resources.

SOPRIS’ portfolio of advanced professional services – including deep expertise in media and communications networks, NFV/SDN/Cloud Center evolution, end-user and network service assurance, and extensive operations management expertise – in combination with Conviva’s quality of experience metrics and actionable OTT intelligence products deliver high-quality video user experiences in a comprehensive solution that includes consulting services, design/planning, implementation, training/change management, as well as software development capabilities for customer customization.

“By partnering with industry leaders like Conviva, SOPRIS offers the most advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities around video service assurance in the industry. Our end-to-end, user centric solution also enables business model innovation, agility to market, simplicity, and sharpens the focus of investment around the end-user’s customer experience,” stated SOPRIS CEO, Jorge Zepeda-Godinez. “This partnership with Conviva enables SOPRIS to continue to expand its unique transformative solutions that help customers realize savings and generate new revenues by greatly improving quality of service.”

Conviva’s global customer base includes some of the world’s largest premium entertainment, news, sports, and media brands/publishers, as well as leading service providers, delivering live and on demand content in both subscription and ad-supported models. With a view into over 8 billion streaming hours per year from over 2.5 billion unique devices, only Conviva can provide a global footprint of the Internet with detailed intelligence giving online video providers the power to navigate the pitfalls of delivering video over an infrastructure not built for video.
“Conviva is focused on providing customers with the best solutions for quality of experience measurement and analytics globally,” stated Sean St. Clair, SVP Global Sales, Conviva. “SOPRIS’ Advanced Service Assurance Solutions complement our QoE solutions very well and deliver on the promise of maximizing video quality of experience for our joint customers.”


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