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Proven hardware & software design expertise from a team that is customer focused, nimble, agile and that delivers quality designs.  

— Jorge Zepeda-Godinez, CEO SOPRIS


Custom Hardware and Software Product Development

Customizing solutions often requires unique software and hardware development efforts, both of which are core SOPRIS capabilities.  The SOPRIS development team provides customers with the capabilities to design tailored solutions that will optimize business outcomes.

Optimizing a product / solution such as NFV, SDN, Cloud, IoT, and IoE often requires customized hardware/software capabilities  to achieve peak performance, quality, reliability, or simply to create a unique differentiation versus the competition.   With proven expertise in designing a broad range of leading technology products, SOPRIS product design teams support the entire  product design cycle – from idea / concept, to design, to manufacturing, to deployment logistics.

Our capabilities (e.g. High Speed Digital, Analog, RF and military-specified projects) have been applied across a wide variety of solutions – e.g. Telecommunications, IT, Enterprise, Security.

EXISTING PRODUCTS: With expertise in designing and commercializing large complex hardware / software systems, SOPRIS hardware design teams help customers optimize their solutions to achieve optimized business outcomes.

NEW PRODUCTS: For customers focused on development of new products, our SOPRIS team helps them stretch their R&D dollars and can augment their teams with trusted expertise so that their specialized resources can focus on rapid designs to enter /grow new markets or win new customers.   Our teams can engage with customers at any stage of the design cycle process that spans from idea/concept, to design, to manufacturing, to deploying products.

Examples of Software Product development capabilities include:

  • Functionality enhancement software for leading open architecture Unified Monitoring System
  • Development of software ZenPacks to extend monitoring to complex, telco network equipment e.g. wireless base stations, demarcation devices, edge routing, DWDM/Optical transport systems, legacy ATM network equipment, etc.
  • Custom product design to replace a critical, discontinued software product, used in a critical business function, across the network of a Fortune 10 US based company.
  • Design and integration of SDK software players (e.g. iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV,…)  for use in advanced video monitoring solutions for tier-1 customers operating across Americas



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