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SOPRIS Technologies Memorable Debut at Zenoss GalaxZ16

Members of SOPRIS and Zenoss Teams, with CEO Greg Stock (Zenoss) and CEO Jorge Zepeda-Godinez (SOPRIS) shown in the center.


Members of SOPRIS Team with our Zenoss Partner, Mike James.

Members of SOPRIS Team with our Zenoss Partner, Mike James.

SOPRIS Technologies Memorable Debut at Zenoss GalaxZ16

The SOPRIS Technologies team participated in the Zenoss user conference GalaxZ held May 11th – 13th in Austin, Texas.   More than 400 customers, partners, open source community and Zenoss employees gathered in Austin – now billed as the “Monitoring Capital of the World” recognizing the thriving software environment in Austin which has seen it host the Openstack Summit, Light Reading Big Communications Event and South by Southwest conference over the last couple months.

GalaxZ was a great way to engage with the rest of the Zenoss community seeing how it has matured from open source monitoring software with a huge community of users/developers to a robust ecosystem of customers and partners including big names like Rackspace and ServiceNow who both made keynote presentations and are a key component of Cisco’s offers for virtualization and cloud which has helped mature the product for mass scale deployment at Carrier and web scale.   Key messages from Zenoss’ CEO presentation were “own IT”; leverage the platform to accelerate innovation; and the ecosystem is “better together” … retaining all the advantage of open source, but also investing to build new capabilities organically and through partnerships.  A great example of this has been the work with LayerX to incorporate advanced analytics capabilities into Zenoss.

The innovation around Zenoss was evident in the panel and breakout sessions, one of which SOPRIS presented around how IT and Operations is transforming to become a core business asset and opportunity to create new revenue.   Consistent messages through the conference were around the impact of the shift to cloud and hybrid cloud on the requirements for monitoring systems to be able to help operators quickly get to root cause diagnosing of problems with a new metric coined around “time to innocence” for rapid triage to focus on the real problems.   Zenoss users are using Service Dynamics, enrichment capabilities, and integrations to build monitoring solutions allowing them to efficiently support the agile service environment that cloud enables.  We also heard how Zenoss is helping Rackspace build a trusted cloud; Zenoss is helping operations adapt to new expectations for 6*9’s reliability where “slow is the new down”; and customers are seeing significant savings for consolidation of multiple legacy systems onto Zenoss.

The SOPRIS team came away energized and ready to help our customers achieve similar benefits building solutions around Zenoss with our own ecosystem extended through discussions with other Zenoss partners. Next year SOPRIS plans on being onstage with our customers talking about what we have achieved together.

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David Stevenson is Head of Strategy at SOPRIS Technologies building solutions for Service Providers and Enterprise as Network, Cloud and Data Center converge around NFV and SDN.  Previously David led Motive (an Austin startup) growing it from a $50M at acquisition by Alcatel-Lucent to over $200M software business in Customer Experience Service Assurance, Device Management and Analytics with a global customer base.


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